All documents and external links for QuickLod can be found on this page.
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QuickLod Manual (PDF)
Contains basic information about QuickLod.
It covers the following chapters:

  • Setup guide
  • Component description
  • Tips and tricks

How autosetup works (PFD)
Describes how the automatic lod level setup in QuickLod works.
It covers the following themes:

  • Autosetup for LodObjectReplacement
  • Autosetup for LodObjectMesh & LodObjectSkinnedMesh
  • Naming conventions
  • Supported file structures


If you have general questions which other people could also have, then please ask them here.
It’s also the main source for updates and news concerning QuickLod.

Asset Store
If you want to buy QuickLod, you can do that on the asset store.
Once you’ve bought QuickLod, you’ll get all updates for free.

API Documentation
If you want to work with the source code of QuickLod, this API documentation may be useful.
It contains descriptions to all components, remarks to certain features and example codes for common use cases.

External blog posts

Unity LOD by using QuickLOD with SimpleLOD for fast performance
How to combine QuickLod with SimpleLOD to improve the design time.
With explanation and code examples.