The component pages offer detailed information about the different components used in QuickLod.

Lod Manager
The main component of QuickLod. It manages and optimizes the calculation process and makes QuickLod what it is, a blazing fast lod system.

Lod Object
The actual lod object. It manages the different lod levels based on the distance to the nearest camera.
There are multiple different Lod Objects available, all specialized for different tasks.

Lod Source
The distance calculator. It’s used for every camera, but can be used on any game object, not just cameras.
It’s used for all distance calculations and offers additional features like camera observation.

Group Switch (WIP)
A special component, which activates and deactivates all managed objects based on trigger inputs.
It can be used to cull all objects inside a space when they aren’t used.

Triggers (WIP)
The triggers used by the group switch.
They check for certain conditions and based on the result set the trigger state to true or false.
You can think of them as switches.

Observers (WIP)
An observer which handles the observation of a lod object.
It handles the registering and deregistering of all events.
Useful when you want to extend a lod object.