Do you want to create a game with tons of details and effects? Do you want to create huge open world games with thousands of objects? And do you still want a good performance? Then check out QuickLod, as it could be exactly what you are looking for!

QuickLod is a level of detail (short LOD) system, which is easy to use and offers many features to speed up any game. If you aren’t sure what a LOD system is, take a look at this Wikipedia article. Thanks to advanced algorithms and heavy optimizations, QuickLod is blazing fast and can manage an extreme amount of objects with nearly no overhead. In fact, it has been successfully tested with 1’000’000 objects at once. You can define how much performance QuickLod may use, so it’s usable for all target platforms. QuickLod comes with the full source code included; there are no dll’s. It’s built as a framework, so you can easily create new components which integrate seamless in QuickLod. Try the demo

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